SoupHerb Soups

Paula Card was raised in a Portuguese family and nourished on real food; one branch of her family tree were dairy farmers, the other grew veggies. Boxed and packaged food were unknown, KD was but initials. Along the way as if by osmosis, Paula learnt the value of healthy eating, healthy living and how to pick a ripe watermelon. Fast forward to a relaxing dinner with her husband Michael, a glass or two of wine sipped, a bowl of tomato tortellini soup supped. As Paula tells the story; their appreciation for the flavours in the soup may have been the seed of inspiration, or perhaps it was the wine. In a moment of post digestive contemplation, Michael burst forth the following statement. “We should sell this, and we should call it soupherb, this is brilliant, we should do this”.


They stayed up into the wee hours creating their business plan. Familial talents were pooled together, cherished recipes old and new chosen, “SoupHerb Soups” was launched and has been a fixture at the Barrie Farmers Market for almost five years.

Last year in a divide and conquer maneuver, they added the Collingwood Farmers Market to the mix with father in law, Mike Card assuring that the soup is on in that neighbourhood.

This is a family that works well together, making sure that their superb SoupHerb Soups is selling where the customers want it to be!

At the new SoupHerb Soups production facility they are operating a state of the art kitchen with amazing induction burners; they have zero emissions, a minimal carbon footprint, no exhaust vapors and use a third of the energy consumption of traditional cooking sources.


Honestly with the shiny silver pots filled with soupy goodness, it just looks and smells great there! With freezers filled to the brim, a take-out counter for lunches was deemed a necessity when local business folk had noses pressed to the windows with hungry curiosity, requesting warm bowls to go. Let’s talk flavours, about forty when I tried counting from the blackboard list. Some of my faves include Apple Parsnip and Brie, Spicy Thai Chicken, Carrot Ginger, and of course the Tomato Tortellini that started it all off. This is really good soup, and I confess that I consider myself rather a soup connoisseur. Dietary needs; they have a soup for you including Gluten Free, Vegan, Vegetarian, Lactose, Paleo, Low Sodium, Diabetic Friendly.

With mother in law Pam Card as organizational and operations person in the kitchen, having run a successful deli for many years, they have a wealth of expertise in-house.

Local suppliers are sourced for their ingredients, and local business supports SoupHerb Soups. Our own MacLaren Gallery serves SoupHerb Soups!

Also on the menu are some amazing chickpea flourless peanut butter chocolate chip cookies, try them frozen, seriously these cookies are a treat! SoupHerb Soups also makes a very tasty granola. “Commitment to the quality of yesterday, with the convenience of today” is their motto but I think more fitting perhaps is Paula’s humorous references to a certain Seinfeld episode.


Whatever she may say, this is not the Seinfeld Soup Kitchen, and be assured, there is soup for you! By the way, she may be tiny, but like that certain TV show character, you don’t mess with the soup girl. Paula Card has a veritable wealth of experience in numerous fields; as a Certified Personal Trainer, a Physio Therapy Assistant and a Registered Massage Therapist, additionally this woman is a fully trained Muay Thai Fighter. When Paula Card tells you to “Now Eat”!!! She means it.

SoupHerb Soups
130 Saunders Road, Unit 2 Barrie ON L4N 9A8
Phone: 705-309-0729 or 705-718-7426

Written by: Penelope Morrow

Penelope Morrow is a writer, editor and food aficionado from Barrie, follow her
tweets @penelopejmorrow

Savour the Flavours – “A Tastefully Delicious Event”

With a wealth of experience; 25 years in the trade show business, co-founder of the highly successful Seasons Christmas show, Tracy McKnight and her husband, Dave Brown, were thrilled to offer this high caliber event to Barrie residents.

Moving to Barrie three years ago, making our neighbourhood their home meant investing in the community and offering Barrie residents the same style show as our neighbours to the south are privy to. Tracy McKnight believes that Simcoe County can be a place that showcases the tastes of Ontario, and the Savour the Flavours show is her way to introduce the community to her talents in the trade show arena. By sourcing and supporting locally; from location to designers, decorators and printers, the investment stays in our community also.

Being community minded is not only a catch phrase; Tracy McKnight is committed to all community members and wants to give back. By encouraging guests attending the event to bring nonperishable food items, a substantial donation was made to the local Food Bank.

Tangle Creek was a great venue for the event; I greatly appreciated free parking!


Walking onsite I was pleased to be greeted by food trucks. Barrie take note; food trucks are a fab addition to the local restaurant scene. Both Smokinstein and S.W.A.T. were braving the cold and offering up breakfast and lunch items, so to be fair, darling daughter and I ordered something from each truck. Beef sandwich for her, a Philly cheese steak for me, warm and filling for us both!

I was pleased to see that the Tangle Creek staff were accommodating to those who brought their food truck meals inside to the warm and welcoming bar areas, so a well-deserved shout out to management for supporting, nay encouraging this.



Booths to the left of me, booths to the right, I stepped in prepared to sip, sample, photo and tweet. I was thrilled to see some of my local favorites, hello Cravings; they who surprisingly made me a quinoa convert, and greetings “Me.n.u” absolutely wonderful to meet you, thanks for introducing me to your amazing Asian Fusion street food. Can’t. Stop. Thinking. About. It.


Sophie’s Sweets Café and Cake Shop, I need another slice of the PB & J bar.

Sweets and savories, tea, coffee, wine and beer, BBQ’s and cookware, if you could eat it, cook with it or pour it in a glass, it was there!


Savour the Flavours welcomed two well-known names from The Food Network; Celebrity Chef Anna Olson was providing both food demonstrations and the opportunity to purchase an autographed copy of her newest cook book. While host of License to Grill; Rob Rainford, treated the audience to a show of his substantial grilling talents. Crowd pleasers both!

I tasted, I savoured flavours and I wore out the iPhone battery with my tweets, it was then time to head home to digest.

Kudos to Tracey McKnight and Dave Brown for bringing their fabulous vision of a food show to Barrie, I can’t wait to see what they offer us next!

Matrix North Events Inc.
Producers of the Seasons Christmas Show and The Fashion Show & Sale
PO Box 20059 Bayfield North Barrie, ON L4M 6E9
T: 705.719.9473 F: 705.719.0075

Tracy McKnight
Dave Brown

Written by: Penelope Morrow

Penelope Morrow is a writer, editor and food aficionado from Barrie, follow her
tweets @penelopejmorrow

Photos by Celeste Morrow-Bailie – CMB Photography