Barrie’s Royal Thai Cuisine


The dishes were delightful, light and filling all at the same time. As well as having a pleasurable meal, I experienced dishes which I’m not usually accustomed to. The Ginger Beef dish had a mixture of light vegetables and plenty of juicy beef pieces. With the side of rice, either sticky or steamed, the dish was overall very filling and I was quite content to leave with leftovers. For the same price the Garlic Chicken had a mixture of snow peas and broccoli, and had a slightly sweeter garlic sauce which was also quite nice. By comparison, the sticky and steamed rice were equally good, and there were also some fried rice main courses to try.


Although the two main dishes I had a chance to try were not the most expensive on the menu, at $9.99 it seemed like a nice value on this dining experience. Some dishes were upwards of $14.00 if I remember correctly. I should also note that as an option, I could have had my dish either mild, medium or hot. The last time I went to a Thai restaurant, it was in hopes of finding the spiciest sauce ever. I’m sure if that’s what you were looking for, the hotter offerings might suit your fancy quite nicely. I’m sure you may even be able to get them to whip up something even spicier, but I could be wrong.


There were so many order possibilities to choose from at Royal Thai Cuisine. I was sort of surprised that there were a few curry dishes on the menu and I would have loved to try them too. But in terms of possible occasions, and for the typical downtown Barrie customer, a soup, order of spring rolls with a side of steamed rice would have been just plenty for a lunch order. The service was quick enough to whip that up on an hour lunch break.


I have to say, it seriously put the restaurant in good favour when I tried the ice cream and fried bananas. It could have worked on its own as well as following a meal. Truly a simple dish to recreate at home, yet in the context of this light meal, it was perfection. I also liked the appetizers, as well as the light dipping sauces that accompanied them.


The only downfall I could see to these types of offerings is that it may be difficult to attract small children. Other than that, the atmosphere was quaint, pleasing and attractive. It was mostly quiet with subtle Asian music playing. The Asian décor was to be expected, yet was completely tasteful and very much suitable for a fine dining experience. But with two large private dining areas, (one of which was secluded in a large bamboo hut design) this restaurant is the perfect attraction for a party. I’d love to go back there. It would have been a blast for 6-10 people.

I’d also like to have Royal Thai delivered sometime. The restaurant offers standard takeout orders for 2-4 people and the menu can be found on their website at

-Written by: Michael Whone

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