Bourbon Street Review

Walking back to the front, my friend decided that she would try opening the door. She tugged a little bit and voila – it came loose! I told her that I must have loosened the door for her…


Walking into the restaurant we were a little hesitant as to whether or not we should actually dine here – there were two small tables, a jukebox, a pool table, a lengthy bar, and there was a rather strange scent in the air. A man promptly came over to us and informed us we could sit anywhere in the restaurant, so we decided to choose one of the only seats that were available next to a window – or so we thought. The man that greeted us turned out to be our server, as he brought us menus and asked for our drink orders as soon as we got comfortable. Being a pub, the menu is fairly straight forward and typical of most of the pubs around Barrie. There are soups, french fries, salads, tacos, burgers, fish, wings, etc. Bourbon Street, however, has a very classy menu and offers extremely high quality food at a very decent price.

We decided we could explore our surroundings while we waited for our meals, so we walked to the back of the building and we were stunned. There is a raised stage in a spacious room filled with booths, various tables, and an area in the back room with another pool table. This pub is absolutely beautiful. It has a very classy, modern design, but has pictures of the musicians of the 60’s-70’s and various guitars strung upon the walls. Once we started getting comfortable with our environment our dining experience was very pleasant.


Arriving at Bourbon Street for lunch, I only wanted something light so I chose a salad that had tomatoes, feta cheese, mixed greens, kalamata olives, some type of noodle or something of the sort on top, drizzled with an olive oil and vinegar dressing. My salad was a little bit too salty for my liking, but it was delicious nevertheless. My friend ordered a grilled chicken wrap with a side of French Onion soup, which was the soup of the day. She was basically drooling over how tender and well cooked the chicken was. She said it was the most fresh and tasty chicken she had eaten at a restaurant in a while.

Bourbon Street is open from Monday to Sunday from 11pm until 2am and is located at 31 Bayfield Street, right in the middle of five points in downtown Barrie. Our server informed us that the pub has live music from Wednesday to Sunday, and each night has a different genre of live music. He informed us that Bourbon Street becomes very busy during the weekend; I suggest calling ahead of time to reserve a booth if you want a place to sit! I had a lovely dining experience at Bourbon Street and I’m sure that you will too!

Valerie Colangelo is a writer from Barrie. Read her blog at: and follow her on Twitter at @vcolang.