Breakfast at Café Chartreuse in Collingwood


Having spent the night at a music festival in Collingwood, my friend and I were seriously famished. We found Café Chartreuse while aimlessly wandering down the street – and what a wonderful discovery we had made! I cannot even begin to emphasize how amazing this restaurant is. I trudged in with a ravenous stomach and left feeling like I was walking on a cloud.

The menu is written on a chalkboard at the back of the restaurant and is subject to change daily depending on what they have in stock, but I am sure that most of the items stay quite similar day to day. Café Chartreuse offers omelettes, pancakes, French-toast, and a selection of pastries for breakfast, and at lunch the menu consists of soup, omelettes, quiche, a variety of sandwiches, as well as a daily special. You order at one end of the counter, move down the line to pay, then choose your seat and eagerly await the arrival of your meal.


I am not a very big fan of breakfast, but this little café seriously impressed me. I ordered pancakes with home-fries on the side – these pancakes are made with homemade yeast and are served with cherries on top and maple butter on the side. My taste buds were overwhelmed at the amazing flavour and quality of these pancakes, and never having tasted maple butter before I became an instant fan. I do not think I will ever taste better pancakes than these – Café Chartreuse definitely stole my heart. My friend ordered an omelet with home-fries and she was just as pleased with her meal as was I.

Café Chartreuse sells a variety of pastries – be it scones, croissants, cookies (there were oatmeal raisin and chocolate chip when I went), cakes, or muffins. I ordered a chocolate chip cookie while I waited for my food to be prepared – it was full of nuts, oats, and little pieces of chocolate. The food takes a little while to be served, but it is well worth the wait as it is cooked fresh to order. The portions sizes are large and the prices are fair; I dined for under $15.


There is a dining patio out front of the restaurant, but do take caution as there was a minor irritation of bees attempting to taste our breakfast. Dining inside was a better choice because we had more room on the table for our plates and beverages, and the atmosphere is so homely and comfortable. It feels like you are in someone’s little country house enjoying the comforts of good food and good company.

Café Chartreuse is an absolutely amazing little restaurant that is sure to impress you in every way. Located in the heart of Collingwood at 70 Hurontario Street, Café Chartreuse is the perfect restaurant to relax and indulge in quiet comfort.

[Editor’s note: If you can’t make it to Collingwood, Café Chartreuse’s food is available as fresh frozen prepared meals at Barrie’s Local Foods Mart]

Valerie Colangelo is a writer from Barrie. Read her blog at: and follow her on Twitter at @vcolang