Cheeky Treats the Cupcake Boutique

With the name “Cheeky Treats”, one might question the deliberate incongruence between name and attitude, but with her usual sharp wit Nadia explains that while she won’t take herself seriously, she and her partner Shawn McCloskey take their business very seriously, with a mantra of “quality always”.

Nadia has a background in hospitality, a degree in hospital restaurant management, ten years of customer service, marketing and education management. This varied skill set enabled her to glean a wealth of knowledge that now serves both her business and her customers very, very well. Highly successful in the corporate world, pushing paper was wearing thin, a random request to bring
dessert to her nephew’s birthday party was the inspired moment. Baking up a batch of flavourful cupcakes, topped with phenomenal buttercream icing, her family went berserk asking “why aren’t you doing this for a living”? On a whim she designed a logo, folded boxes, slapped on labels and positioned samples in the lunchroom of her office. Her colleagues had the same reaction, word of mouth created orders and soon after, Cheeky Treats burst on the scene. The funky and fashionable cupcake mobile, frequents the Barrie Farmers Market, 400 Market and a myriad of other locales. Coming soon, a free standing cupcakes and more store, at 188 Owen Street in Barrie.

Quality is Nadia’s mantra; she is the only baker, this guarantees consistency, as a perfectionist, she maintains full control of products leaving her kitchen. When you choose your favorite cheeky flavour, it
will be the same indulgent treat the next time. Made with all natural ingredients, real butter, no preservatives or colouring, (other then the classic Red Velvet), Nadia has created 360 flavours of
cupcakes. Other cheeky delights include; whoopee pies, creamy cheesecake, gourmet pies, fabulous cookies, brownie pops, butter tarts, and funnel cakes. For the late night party goers, a new savoury addition to the menu is Black Angus Farm Gate sausages.

These Cheeky baristas are dispensing wit and humour along with the cappuccinos, lattes, ice coffees, lemonade, and teas. Nadia is able to meet a variety of dietary needs including gluten free, diabetic, lactose free, vegan and organic.

Now let’s talk waffles, or as Nadia refers to it, the “get cheeky in bed” option. Shawn and Nadia have incorporated a waffle delivery service to their repertoire, creating waffles topped with fresh blueberry or strawberry sauce, whipping cream and maple syrup. You call to order and they deliver straight to your home…can you say Sunday brunch?

The cupcake mobile allows freedom and has created a following all around Simcoe; from the Farmers Market to late nights on Dunlop, to the wilds of Wasaga, while the Owen Street shop will give these two cheeky entrepreneurs a home base, offering all items on their present menu, including fresh cut fries, poutine, and soft serve ice cream. In addition, stocking competitively priced food basics, milk, bread and cheese.

Cheeky Treats on Owen Street will be far more then a bakery; a continuation of the goals of these two energetic and committed people, running a family business. Nadia and Shawn aim to assure that they provide you with the best culinary experience possible; their service is personalized, personified!

Let’s talk flavours; with 360 options, the top dozen usually available, I strongly suggest you drop by the cheeky mobile to choose. My personal favourites are Tuxedo, a rich dark chocolate topped with classic butter cream cheese icing, or the deluxe Bacon Maple, seriously, these are amazing cupcakes!

To locate the cheeky mobile check out:
Phone: 705.220.6127

-Written by: Penelope Morrow
Penelope Morrow is a writer, editor and food aficionado from Barrie; follow her tweets at @penelopejmorrow