Club Ash – Bar and Lounge Review

Note: Club Ash is now closed, enjoy this look back to 2012.

Just in passing conversation, the owner mentioned to me that his favourite part about running Club Ash is seeing his clientele having a great time. From what I gather, there is no magical formula for restaurant success, but Club Ash continues to grow steadily within the Steakhouse niche and after spending a night there, I got to thinking that the good nature of its management staff plays a big role.

Since its January 2012 opening, advertising hasn’t been a major factor in early success for Ash. Marcello, the owner likes the word of mouth clientele he is receiving. He told me he has done no advertising yet, and relies mainly on his customer response.

In my opinion, there really is no harm in relying on word of mouth when the restaurant has something to sincerely boast about. So I had to try the food to see what the buzz was about.

From the moment you walk into Club Ash, the atmosphere is impressive; it’s hard to imagine anything but the finest fares in this chic and classy environment. Even the lighting was appetizing. At first I questioned my appearance, though I quickly noticed everyone in the restaurant had dressed casually too.

Thoughtfully, there was evidence showing that a great deal of concern had been taken to create an extremely comfortable dining experience. Of course, I’m talking about the extra-large tables, which are roomy enough for a foursome or more, and the spacious distance between other tables.

As for menu options, I felt as though I would have liked to try it all. However I felt like a marinated steak on this occasion, so I tried the Marinated Flank Steak 8oz ($20) which is prepared in a 24 hour marinade. The entrees come with the option of adding either: fried sweet potatoes, roasted red potatoes, or creamy mashed potatoes. The server clearly noted that I could also substitute the side of potatoes for a house salad.

After having the flank steak, I was able to thank the chef for his work with the grill. He told me “You won’t find a cut like that anywhere else in Barrie.”

At first, I was very tempted to go with the restaurant’s pasta alternative but, now I’m glad I went with the steak. I am not the first person to have been very pleased with the steak fares at Ash. I’ve heard two people tell me “if you like steak, you should try Club Ash.” And after dinner, I met up with some friends, and was soon passing the word on myself.

Before I could leave, I was drawn into the wonderful jazz music that was being performed live. It was so subtle and dulcet that it would not intrude on talking and friendly conversation. It was really the perfect backdrop. As I sat at the bar, winding down a wonderful time at Club Ash, I had a couple European-style espressos which were prepared behind the bar.

Without question, there are multiple ways to include Club Ash in your downtown Barrie experiences, any day of the week. For nightlife, it’ll ring your bell, and likewise for some fine dining. The dinner jazz is from 6-9PM on Thursdays to Sundays.

-Written by: Michael Whone
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