Rawlicious in Barrie

Their mission is to help you “feel good about what you eat.” This is a great spot for vegetarians and vegans, or simply, health conscious individuals who want to try something different.

It’s hard to know what to expect when you step into Rawlicious, although one thing is certain: you’re getting raw food, and not just any raw food – it’s organic and vegan. I wandered into Rawlicious on a Monday afternoon. Its size makes it easy to miss, but this smaller restaurant is clean, modern, and bright.

The atmosphere is warm and inviting with coffeehouse music playing in the background; however, it’s unclear whether you should seat yourself or walk up to the counter, and no one’s really there to make it clear. Despite its small appearance, Rawlicious is a restaurant, so learn from my experience and have a seat. When one of the servers does appear from the back room, they’re quite friendly and knowledgeable; however, be prepared to wait. Although everything is raw, it seems the process of preparation takes several minutes, even for a simple item.

If you’re visiting for a light lunch, Rawlicious has a variety of organic salads. You can choose: House, Caesar, Olive-Currant-Nut and Seed, Taco, or Strawberry Pecan Salad (which is only available in the summer). If you’re still hungry, Rawlicious has a variety of wraps, which are much different than typical ones, due to their food being gluten-free. For instance, their Caesar and taco wraps are wrapped in collard leaves. Also on the menu is the “Rawitch,” which is onion bread with guacamole, tomatoes, cucumbers, and alfalfa sprouts, dressed with balsamic vinaigrette. Rawlicious pizza is the only warm entrée on the menu; it is made on a sprouted buckwheat and flax seed crust with cashew nut cheese and typically has a tomato marinara sauce. Rawlicious also has pastas, such as Zucchetti Rose, Pasta Bolognese, and Pad Thai. However, none of these items have cooked noodles, as one of the servers said: “We don’t cook anything.” He also said their pastas were more like “salads”. I wasn’t hungry enough to try one, but if you want something unique, choose any of their pasta entrées.

You can’t leave without having a blonde macaroon for dessert, or take some home for a treat. They are absolutely delicious and will leave you craving more. It’s no wonder these small balls made with coconut, cashew, vanilla, and maple syrup are their best seller.

Overall, Rawlicious is worth the experience, although it is far too pricy to visit on a regular basis. I was tempted to try the Strawberry Milkshake, which is made with nutmilk, strawberries, avocado, agave, and vanilla; however, I opted for a warm cup of chocolate Chai tea, due to the smoothie’s price tag. Wraps and salads start at $9.00. You can pay up to $16.00 for a small entrée, not to mention their smoothies and drinks start around $7.00/each. At the same time, you get what you pay for and if you’re looking for a healthy, organic, and vegan option the next time you eat out, Rawlicious definitely contains enough raw goodness to please your taste buds.

The restaurant is open Sunday-Thursday 11:00am – 9:00pm. Friday and Saturday 11:00am – 10:00pm. Take out is also available. Contact at 705.739.1001 to place an order or reserve a table for six or more guests. For more information, also visit the website: http://rawlicious.ca/canada/locations/barrie

-Written by: Hannah Guirguis

Hannah Guirguis is a freelance writer from Barrie, Ontario. Follow her tweets @hannahj_07 and her blog at: wordsinair.weebly.com

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