Smokes Poutinerie in Barrie


In Barrie, the Poutinerie is located downtown on Dunlop Street right beside H & R Block. For what the location is, it is in the perfect Barrie location. The food offering is top notch and is certainly addicting.

On the down side, the restaurant is actually quite small. The Poutinerie has only about 4 tables and another handful of bar-style seats. However, because the restaurant serves mainly take-out customers, there is usually a place to sit and have a fantastic poutine. Because of the limited seating and downtown location the restaurant isn’t well suited for family dining and could be troublesome for seating during a lunch-hour rush. What would work well in this setting is a date before going to a movie or out for a drink. The prices really accommodate this as well.


For two poutines and two soft drinks I only paid $21.00 after tax. The poutine by itself was quite large, very filling and was a little better than your average poutine. With options like pulled pork poutine, bacon double cheeseburger poutine and Montreal Smoked Meat Poutine you get a full-fledged meal rather than just a side order. If the regular size isn’t quite enough for you, the Wow size should do it for only $3.00 more.

The restaurant makes use of an 80s hard rock theme, with one wall that has a giant picture adorned with hard rock style guitars, as well as the famous “Dave Letterman” lookalike who seems to be the face of Smokes Poutinerie. Everytime I went there, I was impressed by the sounds of old Van Halen and Scorpions and other 80s hard rock favourites. Although 80s was the theme, the restaurant was super clean and well kept. I would not feel uncomfortable going there even late at night. The restaurants biggest selling point though is its hours of operation. The restaurant is open to 3am on Thursday nights and to 4am on Fridays and Saturdays. With hours like that, when you factor in the deceased pizza place downtown, it seems as though Smoke’s is an after-bar restaurant to the core. It now has the potential to be a favourite amongst only the street meat vendors and the shawarma place beside the Queens.


Not only is it for those of you downtown after the bar on the weekend, Smoke’s offers delivery. Give them a call for more details. At you can find their locations and hours, as well as the full menu and pricing.

With McDonald’s now offering poutine, Canadians obviously still love a good cheese and gravy with their fries. Smoke’s certainly makes poutine right. I loved the way they combined a more substantial meal into this Canadian favourite. I’m definitely headed back there for another as soon as possible. And I’ll probably hit it up for take out by the waterfront a few times next summer.

Written By: Michael Whone

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