Tips for Enjoying Patio Season Safely

patio season

The patio season is upon us! Only a few times in a year do we get to enjoy the sweet rays of the sun as they caress our skins and brighten our days. The birds, oh! Their musical chairs, and the irresistible smell of something good cooking. Wait, no; it’s something grilling! Indeed, the patio season is upon us! Well, how best would you enjoy this season without every once in a while having to rush to a chemist or confine yourself to your house? Check out the following tips that may just transform your season!

Protection first

You’d want to keep part or all of the sensitive parts of your body safe during this season. As you walk or drive to a patio at any time of the day, remember that your goal is to have a good time. Well, when driving, safety comes first. In this season though, protection comes first!

Eye protection

Your eyes are the most susceptible to even the most harmless-looking rays. Trust me when I tell you that those rays aren’t as harmless as they look! You like to bathe in the rising sun and watch the sunset, don’t you? Better yet, you may find yourself on the road during these times. From the way both the sunrise and sunset rays are low, they get direct contact with your eyes, and you know how discomforting it gets when they hit your eyeballs directly don’t you? Well, this particular season is one of intense sunlight, so get yourself a pair of sunglasses to avoid unnecessary issues.

Skin protection

The overhead sun between 11 AM and 3 PM may be so enticing, especially for a sunbath. Don’t be tempted! You could get your skin scorched, figuratively speaking, and you don’t want to walk around with those sunburns, do you? Enjoy a smooth drink in your favourite patio at a chilled corner with a shade, or better yet, have a hat with you. It could be a better idea to use sunscreen so that you can take a worry-less walk down the road, especially in the afternoons.

Have a good time

Now that your skin and eyes feel protected from the intense sun rays, you can proceed to the order of the day; have some fun! What best way to have fun than to enjoy a grilled chicken or beef outside your house after draining a smooth drink in a patio? This is precisely how you’d want to end your days. Better yet, you could decide to have your favourite novel with you, your legs stretched out on a carefully placed matt and with your dog wagging its tail beside you. Of course, if you’ll do this outside, then you’ll first have to take the precautionary measures. Some may find it just befitting to go on hikes or take visits across the country; whatever pleases your soul!

Hydration is important

As you have fun and enjoy yourself, do not forget that hydration means a lot in this season! With the sun’s heat, comes the need to up your water consumption to facilitate the metabolic processes going on in your body, and keep your body temperatures cool. Well, on the latter, water is underrated. You should be well aware that taking a few glasses of water goes a long way to keep your body temperatures low and cool. You don’t have to keep turning on the fan or going out, especially when you don’t want to. And in case you do go out, remember to carry a bottle of water with you; It’ll come so handy. Also, always remember to take about one to two glasses of water before meals, especially the starchy ones. They usually make you so thirsty, and it’s never a good idea to take water in between meals.

Watch your hygiene

Poor hygiene will make you sick, and the last thing you want in this season is a regular trip to the chemist or your doctor. Why don’t you have fun without having to worry about anything? With the increased heat, dust particles stuff the air every passing second, and these particles often carry around bacteria. If you forget to wash your hands before meals, you’ll most probably wake up with a stomach upset.

Nonetheless, greeting people, especially as you’re having a drink or watching your sport in a patio, is an open invitation to bacteria. Contact with cash and other utensils handled by someone else may also be an invitation to bacteria. As an alternative to washing your hands every additional time, you could carry around antiseptic or antibacterial wet wipes.

Let go once in a while!

You don’t have to be so contained every time; it could spoil all the fun! 4 PM till the sunset is an excellent time to stretch your feet out in the evening sun and just let the rays sooth into your body through your skin how it feels heavenly! Just to be safe, however, apply a little amount of sunscreen on your body before you stretch out your mat in preparation for the long-awaited sunbath. However, remember that the evening rays especially are not good for your eyes. Therefore, have your sunglasses with you. Besides you could be your favourite drink, a favourite book or even beat pill, booming some cool music.

Enjoy the beautiful season!

To enjoy this patio season, you have to take care of yourself; take care of your body! There’s no fun in getting sick or getting sunburns just when you were out to have a good time. Therefore, watch it and the season will watch you have the best of it. You can never miss fun things to do with your friends and family, and remember to save the chicken fingers for your favourite neighbour! Drive down to your favourite bar and have a cold beer, or better yet, take your MP3 player and go to that patio, get yourself a fruit juice and let the season sink into your soul!