Holly’s Sweets and Eats


I discovered Holly’s shortly after moving to Barrie 9 years ago. The first days settling into my new community I was on a mission to locate the stores and shops that I would frequent. A priority was to locate an all -scratch bakery that made butter tarts. Butter tarts are my comfort food, a taste that says welcome. I needed to find my perfect butter tart, and at Holly’s, perfection came with a warning. If I wasn’t going to sit and order tea to accompany said butter tart, it was strongly suggested that I wait until I arrived home to eat it. I should have listened, but it was far too tempting; the pastry was flaky, with desired crispness, the filling was abundant, and as I munched into it, the gooey wonderfulness dripped on my steering wheel. I was sold and promptly needed to return for more.

Over the years I have nibbled and noshed my way through most of the amazing items they offer. Holly’s Sweets and Eats is much more than the best bakery Barrie has; they specialize in wedding and birthday cakes, artisan breads, muffins, scones and pies, squares and cookies. At holiday time you can bring in your own pie pan or borrow a stunning fluted version, to present your pie most uniquely.


They smoke their own meats for succulent Panini sandwiches. Their corned beef sandwiches have that desired Montreal flavour! They offer frozen meals and create corporate lunches. Sample their simply amazing savory items. Giftware, gift baskets, and gluten free foods.

Catering and cooking lessons. Jams, jellies and preserves. Order a Romantic Valentines dinner; indulge in a traditional Mother’s Day High tea, my darling daughter and I did just that this past week. Add some elegance to your Christmas Festivities. All are exemplary, the quality consummate.

Saturday breakfasts are stunning, eggs benedict, pancakes with Lori’s own pure maple syrup. Dinner for 50, no problem, they even make the condiments to accompany the fine fare. I can personally attest to the quality of the amazing cakes, having blown out the candles on many birthdays. I was a satisfied customer when I experienced the creativity of their custom offerings, as the perfect summer box lunches were made for a writing workshop I co-hosted.

Frozen or prepared sticky buns, sublime cinnamon swirl loaves, these make the best French toast. The Hot Cross buns, are delicious, I wish they made them throughout the spring.

Pop in for your early morning coffee and muffin, or try a scone. Swing by for lunch, the daily specials are wonderful. Drop by to pick up dinner to go, the steak and mushroom pies are a favourite of mine. Sisters Lori and Holly are Holly’s Sweets and Eats; nine and a half years ago their dad told them he was opening a bakery and he said they were going to run it, and so it was. Holly had an exceptional background, having learned the trade from some of the best, while Lori, who was a part time kindergarten teacher, now thrives with planning and executing events, and to hear her tell it, these are great parties!


Holly’s Sweets and Eats are active in community events; they recently judged a baking contest at Georgian College, created the desserts for Gilda’s Club Spring Fling and are representing France in the upcoming Napoleon-Rotary Club, Taste the World.

If food is love this bakery is whole heartedly nurturing their community.

The superlatives are completely justified. This is where Barrie shops for baked goods.

Holly’s Sweets and Eats
Convenient Hours of Operation
Mon to Thurs: 8am to 6pm
Friday: 8am to 8pm
Saturday: 8am to 4pm

12 Commerce Park Drive,
Unit L, Barrie, Ontario
Phone: 705.735.3366
Fax: 705.735.6509

Written by: Penelope Morrow

Penelope Morrow is a writer, editor and food aficionado from Barrie, follow her tweets

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Bakealicious has provided fantastic food to Christenings and weddings for a number of years. They are famed for baptism cakes in Ireland and provide cakes at great low cost prices.

9th Annual Chef and Wine Series 2013 Georgian Dining Room

I was thrilled to attend the Chef and Wine dinner at Georgian College recently. The event featured Chef André Sanche of Ciboulette et Cie in Midland, students of the Culinary, Hospitality, and Tourism programs at the college, and wine expert Jeremy Hall, representing Lifford Wine and Spirits. Live music was provided by Michelle Guy and Brad Hilliker.

Christine McSorley, Manager of the Georgian Dining Room, Catering and Events, explained that the goal of the Chef and Wine series is to connect students with Chefs and resorts in Simcoe County and beyond. This provides students with opportunities to enhance their learning, which in turn connects those creating food with the broader community, so that fortunate souls, like myself can dine, wine and socialize with other foodies while enjoying a splendid meal. Another perk of the Chef Series is the opportunity for all to view the Chef du jour in action, as they demonstrate and educate all present. While I am but an occasional sipper of spirits, it wasn’t a challenge to enlist a dear friend as designated drinker. I consumed but a mere mouthful of each proffered vino but was duly impressed.


We started with a Cabert Prosecco, while hors d’oeuvres were served; as apparently “bubbles open the palate”. Mixed Vegetable Bhaji, Smoked Mushroom Croquettes and Roasted Beet and Feta Bites were served with finesse by students. Designated drinker and I wanted to take a tray of Vegetable Bhaji home for nibbling, they were amazing.

André Sanche is not only an Executive Chef, but also an informed local food advocate, he sources ingredients of the highest quality for his cooking. Chef André educated us as he fed us, sharing tidbits of his vast knowledge. I for one was pleased to learn that my fondness for Kozlik’s Mustard is well placed, as apparently 85% of the world’s Dijon Mustard is grown in Canada.

Those fancy French Dijon’s that adorn store shelves may have been made in France with Canadian mustard seed, so why not purchase local, as in doing so, we are supporting local producers, growers and keeping more money at home. My jars of Kozlik’s now literally represent that I am putting my money where my mouth is!

We sat at communal tables for dinner, which started with a Local Cheese and Charcuterie Board and a glass of Louis Jadot Beaujolais-Villages. I adored the pumpkin chutney accompaniment, made from pumpkins grown in the Chefs’ yard. Slow Roasted Beef Marrow, a first for many, enjoyed by most came next, the sprinkle of roasted crushed capers was an amazing accent, with a glass of Bernard Defaix Chablis. Our main course was Pan Seared Pickerel, sharing the spotlight with The Velvet Devil Merlot. Dessert was a light and tasty Black Currant and Blood Orange Mille-feuille served with tea or coffee. I firmly believe in sharing with my readers the many delightful new or established gems of dining venues which I have discovered while noshing and nibbling my way around Simcoe County. Sharing the Chef and Wine Series with you dear readers is a win-win opportunity for all.

Two evenings remain for the 2013 Series; on May 24th Chef Greg Renett of Painters Hall Bistro takes the kitchen and then on June 14th, Chef Vince Galatti from Local Foods Mart has his turn. Past events have included Barrie notable names such as, Chef Randy Feltis of PIE and The Farmhouse, and Chef Marco Ormonde of The North.


It appears there is still more for me to discover at Georgian College; the “International Dinners” sound intriguing, as they are being cooked, hosted and served entirely by students.

The venue is available for catered events, weddings, or meetings and the dining room will host 140 to a sit down meal or 250 for a stand up reception. Adjacent is a spacious courtyard, allowing for seasonal events to be enjoyed in the garden.

The Chef and Wine Series is a show case; for our local Chefs and for the Georgian students as they hone their skills. Co-op placement connections grow here, as does word of mouth within our community so that we may support our local college.

This event is a pairing of all that is good!

Christine McSorley
Georgian Dining Room Catering and Events
705-728-1968 x 1413

Written by: Penelope Morrow

Penelope Morrow is a writer, editor and food aficionado from Barrie, follow her tweets at @penelopejmorrow