Dinner at the Grilled Cheese Social Eatery


The Grilled Cheese Social Eatery: I was a little confused when I walked past this restaurant. I would have never thought that someone would actually create a restaurant catered to grilled cheese – however, I am ever so glad that one now exists in Barrie. My family and I decided that we would see what this restaurant has to offer because we all have an insane love for grilled cheese. The restaurant is small and cosy, paneled with wood and various paintings that have grilled cheese themes.

To order, you walk up to the counter at the back of the restaurant and choose from a chalkboard full of different types of grilled cheese. The Grilled Cheese Social Eatery offers a variety of combinations that I never would have thought would be good on a grilled cheese sandwich. You have to wait for your food to be cooked and brought to you, but the wait is not very long.

Being gluten free, I ordered “The Classic,” which is cheddar cheese between two slices of gluten free bread. Maybe it was the gluten free bread, maybe it was the cheddar cheese, but all I know is that this grilled cheese sandwich had me begging for more. It was so delicious! My mother tried the “Pierogi,” a sandwich layered with cheddar, bacon, and caramelized onions with sour cream on the side for dipping. My brother ordered the “Wake N Bacon,” which had cheddar cheese, bacon, and fried eggs loaded on gluten free bread. My brother’s girlfriend tried the “Dill-licious,” a sandwich of Havarti cheese, dill, sun dried tomatoes, and caramelized onions. My family was just as pleased with their meals as I was. With every meal, there is an option of a salad or chips. We all chose salads (fresh greens, cucumbers, and tomatoes with a citrus vinaigrette as the dressing) and were perfectly satisfied. You dine out of little baskets with checkered liners and use plastic forks. I could not help but be reminded of eating at a chip truck – it was such fun! This restaurant also has vegetarian and vegan options available so anyone can enjoy eating here.


Under $10 for every option, the meal portions are fair for the price you are paying. I was thoroughly impressed with this restaurant. I left satisfied and very pleased with the quality of the food, the service, and general atmosphere of the restaurant.

The Grilled Cheese Social Eatery is located at 53 Dunlop Street East. Open every day for lunch, the restaurant is open from 11am until 5pm on Monday to Wednesday, and 11am until 7pm Thursday and Friday; the weekend hours on Saturday and Sunday are from 12am to 3am, and reopens at 10am until 5pm: a nice place to take your starving belly at the wee hours of the night.

Valerie Colangelo is a writer from Barrie. Read her blog at: www.accordingtovalerie.com and follow her on Twitter at @vcolang.

Savour Simcoe 2013


The pairing of farms and food producers with restaurants and chefs inspires them to create culinary magic; toss in a side of simply wonderful local beverages, wines and beers and you have an occasion. The geniality is palpable, this event not only tastes good but I am convinced it is good for the soul. A warm mood prevails, food offerings are generously sized, conversations occur spontaneously between strangers, as we share suggestions of what one simply must try next.


Darling daughter, who was celebrating her 19th birthday, was happy to join me for the afternoon and we sipped and nibbled our way through all the booths, with shared agreement that everything was wonderful. The addition of plates, with a handy spot for attaching ones wine glass was genius. Some of our personal favourites, both sweet and savory, to tease and tempt your palate:
Holly’s Sweets and Eats paired with Ficklewood, their family run farm, offered us Korean pork bulgogi and green tea shortbreads. These little bundles of fresh flavour were amazing.


Carpe Diem Orchard with Cravings Fine Food sampling apple fritters served with honey crème fraiche, dulce de leche, and a sprinkle of bee pollen. To sip, a pear infused thyme and lavender Muskoka Ginger ale.

Valley Farms served éclair pastry filled with vanilla cream, topped with mixed berry compote and real whip cream, courtesy of the amazing Sheldon Creek Dairy cows!


John Williams of Williams Farms supplied the maple motivation to Michael and Marion’s; they presented us with multiple courses including maple roasted smoked ham with peach butter chutney, on homemade corn and maple biscuits, a fresh medley of beet salad with Asian pickled ginger vinaigrette, and french fried new potatoes with maple sriracha mayo.

Ciboulette et Cie, Chef Andre Sanche and Bruce Wood not only fed us pickerel and wild salmon rillette over potato and carrot salad, with heirloom tomato salsa, but also entertained us with an amusing anecdote of Salt Spring Island zucchini races.


I missed out on Local Foods Mart’s Chef Vince Galati’s cantaloupe soup with orange and ginger, but nibbled the mozzarella roulade and loaded potato with wild boar and corn salsa.

The cucumber cups with fresh gazpacho from feel good do good The Karma Project, succulent chowder from Explorers Café, Lamb sliders, fresh baked flat bread from the stone oven with butter turkey, Nicholyn Farms ribbon of elk summer sausage accordion with zucchini and swiss. The alchemy of dry ice mist creating extraordinary ice wine sorbet. The epicurean delights were too vast to mention, too amazing to forget.


Education occurs along route too. The preeminent message is to shop local, this benefits our bodies and our local economy, and that well heard adage of “have you thanked a farmer today” is highly applicable. We were satiated, sufficiently suffonsified, frankly there simply aren’t enough superlatives to adequately express the delight of our taste buds.


I end with a shout out. Sincere thanks to our farmers, our local chefs and restaurateurs, Savour Simcoe is all about the food and it is wonderful!


Written by: Penelope Morrow

Penelope Morrow is a writer, editor and food aficionado from Barrie, follow her tweets @penelopejmorrow

Photos by Celeste Morrow-Bailie – CMB Photography